Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's The Moron?

I haven't posted a rant in some time. That's because since my discussion with my assistant manager regarding my relationship with my Benedict Arnold co-workers, management has put less pressure on me, and my co-workers have stopped complaining about me, and have actually been friendlier.

Perhaps my assistant manager had a talk with them. I don't know.

I almost can't believe it myself, but I am actually beginning to like working at this Wal-mart. As Wal-Marts go, this one is one of the better ones in terms of how management treats employees. The pay still sucks but that's expected for a Wal-Mart.

Still, there are disrespectful customers. And, I still don't like them, but I have learned to more or less tolerate them.

Today, I ran across one that took an extraordinary effort to tolerate.

This particular customer was a woman with graying hair, approximately 45 years of age. She was pushing her cart along the back aisle of the store directly in front of the electronics department.

I have mentioned what I consider to be the stupidest question I am ever asked before. That is the question this woman asked me.

"Where is the restroom?"

I pointed to the rear of the electronics department in the general direction of the restrooms. "Right there", I answered.

The woman looked in that direction, and then proceeded to inform me she didn't see the restroom. So, I moved to my right about 3 feet, and again pointed, this time directly at the large sign which was situated directly below the brightly lit red "exit" sign which read, "restrooms".

"Right over there", I said, "You see? There's the sign that says, 'Restrooms' right below the exit sign".

"Well", she huffed, "If I had seen the sign, I wouldn't have had to ask." And then, as she stalked toward the restrooms, she added, "Moron!"

Moron! She called ME a moron!

Now. In every Wal-Mart in the country, the restrooms are located in the back of the store, along the back wall, in, or at least, next to, the electronics department. Everyone who has ever shopped in a Wal-Mart knows where to find the restrooms.

Even if this woman had never been in a Wal-Mart in her life she would have been able to ascertain for herself fairly quickly where the restrooms are located.

Unless, of course, she's a moron.